The 5 Best Scaffolding Companies in Chicago-Top Scaffolding Companies

2021-11-11 07:21:09 By : Ms. Kelly Nee

The following is a list of Chicago's top and leading scaffolding companies. To help you find the best scaffolding company located near Chicago, we have compiled our own list based on this list of rating points.

The highest-rated scaffolding companies in Chicago are:

Chicago Scaffolding Inc. is located on Chicago Lake Street. The company is a family owned and operated business established in 1987. The company prides itself on providing reliable and safe services to its customers, which is even more important. They can provide services to customers from a wide range of industries, including general contractors, masons, plasters, Tuckpointing, roofs, windows, glass, signage, schools, churches, hospitals, oil refineries, power plants, factories, property management, developers , Builders, shopping centers, theaters, hotels, demolition, restoration, rehabilitation, carpentry, public transportation, etc.

Chicago Scaffolding Inc. prides itself on hiring OSHA-certified installers to ensure safe installation and follow strict guidelines to protect its customers’ projects. Their company is certified as a training organization by the City of Chicago. The company ensures that only the best and highest quality materials are provided for each project. They believe that the success of each customer is their success.

Work consulting and engineering, permit expedited and routine safety inspections, safety training

Address: 4824 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60644 Phone: 1 800-355-0099 Website:

"Highly recommended. Come forward for us. One night, when the emergency canopy needed to be quickly installed a few hours later, Chicago scaffolding surpassed our needs." – Radek Garzowski

United Scaffolding Inc. has been serving the City of Chicago since 2014. The company is a family business founded by Roberto Carlos Lopez, who has an extensive background in the scaffolding business.

The company ensures that all deliverables are excellent and that the customers are very satisfied. The company prides itself on hiring experienced and skilled workers to ensure that all work on each project is done carefully and safely. They are able to provide services to various masonry companies, and all the feedback is great. United Scaffolding Inc. is one of the rapidly growing companies.

Frame scaffolding, ring lock scaffolding, protective canopy, support, material hoist, garbage chute, stair tower, safety net, winter fence

Address: 1310 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60651 Phone: 1 773-727-3394 Website:

"Five-star company. There is a lot of experience in scaffolding needs. There is no company like United Scaffolding. Always punctual and responsive. They value safety and all materials are up to date. Highly recommended."-Gabriel Ace Kaba

SafwayAtlantic Chicago is located on Homan Avenue in Chicago. Their company has established a solid and strong foundation in the concept of providing environmentally friendly, reliable and safe operating services for each project. They want to provide their employees, customers, and other individuals working with them with what they truly deserve.

The company prides itself on creating and implementing innovative plans and advanced strategies to ensure that they can help clients build the strongest foundation for their projects. Their strategies and methods are well-known worldwide. They have a team of professionals and experienced personnel to ensure that everything is managed perfectly to provide services smoothly. They want easier service. It will always be safe to cooperate with them.

Scaffolding and channel solutions, professional industrial services, forming and support, other support services

Address: 5000 S Homan Ave, Chicago, IL 60632 Phone: 1 630-833-5840 Website:

"They meet all your scaffolding needs, and they are in good condition. The people in the yard are fans of the Socks, so this is a plus point." — Todd Basham

Direct Scaffold Services-Contractors Access Equipment was established in 2001. Since then, the company has strived to grow through hard work and comprehensive materials of the highest quality. The company prides itself on having a highly skilled professional team who can perfectly provide cost-effective solutions for each project. Ensuring safety is one of their core values.

The company's priority is to ensure the interests of its employees. They know that providing the safest and reliable materials can guarantee the fastest and most effective solutions for all projects. The goals of their customers are also one of their top priorities.

Labor, rental and sales, engineering, training, swing stage maintenance

Address: 2222 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 6060 Phone: 1 312-733-3497 Website:

"Professional service, on time."-Steven P.

Gilco Scaffolding Co. is a scaffold rental company that provides comprehensive materials for scaffolding, supports, wall bracing, barriers, brackets, ladders, casters, fences, etc. The company is located on Jarvis Avenue in Des Plaines, with a strategic location and convenient transportation.

Gilco Scaffolding Company is a family business. Hunter, Tom and Gus are able to continue to provide such services in excellent and innovative ways. Since 1938, they have been providing customers with safer and better customer service. They believe that through transparent and honest communication, they will be able to provide more personalized and tailored services to all customers’ companies.

Scaffolding services, sidewalk canopies, suspended scaffolding, supports, climbing masts, stair towers, wall supports, debris chutes, landing platforms, Jersey barriers and fences, cross braces and guardrails, adjustable legs and bottom plates, casters, side supports , End brackets and legs, access ladders and stair towers, Putlogs (scaffold truss), scaffold slabs and Aluma-Plank, SW type series frame, Waco Red (WR) series frame

Address: 515 Jarvis Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60018 Tel: 1 847-298-1717 Website:

"Lent here for 15 years. Highly recommended." – Christopher Wink

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