NoMad's scaffolding in Manhattan reveals the geometric façade of 7-9 East 30th Street-YIMBY, New York

2021-11-11 07:21:46 By : Ms. Tina Jiang

By: Michael Young October 19, 2021 at 7:30 AM

The exterior works of NoMad's 23-story residential building at 7-9 East 30th Street are about to be completed. Designed by SWA Architecture and developed by Castellan Real Estate Partners, this 227-foot-tall structure will produce 54 residences spread across 41,992 square feet and 2,142 square feet of retail space on the ground. Titanium Construction Services is the general contractor for this building, which is located between Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue.

At the time of our last update in April, the entire superstructure was still shrouded in scaffolding and construction nets. The assembly has finally begun to be dismantled, revealing the unique undulating geometry of the facade.

7-9 East 30th Street. Photo by Michael Young

7-9 East 30th Street. Photo by Michael Young

7-9 East 30th Street. Photo by Michael Young

Recent photos show that the appearance is almost identical to the visualization in the main rendering, including the spacing, alignment and quality of reflections of the dark paneling system stacked around the upper balcony overlooking East 30th Street. The sunlight accentuates the asymmetrical slanted cuts of each balcony, each with a different size and angle configuration. Only a small part of the scaffolding remains above the middle retreat and around the ground floor.

7-9 East 30th Street. Photo by Michael Young

7-9 East 30th Street. Photo by Michael Young

7-9 East 30th Street. Photo by Michael Young

The lower half of the building is mainly covered with floor-to-ceiling glass, but is scattered with geometric paneling that matches the appearance of the upper level. The rendering also depicts the illuminated canopy above the front door and the ground floor retail space.

7-9 East 30th Street. Photo by Michael Young

The stylish and modern appearance of 7-9 East 30th Street makes it stand out among the recently completed or under construction residential and office buildings near the NoMad community in Midtown. No news about the final supporting facilities has been announced yet. The closest subways to the hotel are the No. 6 trains at 28th Street and 33rd Street stations along Park Avenue South, and the R and W trains at 28th Street Station southwest along Broadway.

The completion date of the 7-9 East 30th Street revision is also unclear, but YIMBY can see that the residential building is completed and opened in the first few months of 2022.

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Another ugly out-of-context glass box makes me dizzy looking at it. Where is the new brick building that can coexist with the surrounding buildings? I guess this architect used to play Lego blocks when he grew up. Where were you when we needed you?

Hey! ! ! I've been playing Lego blocks since I was a kid, and I would never design anything that looks like this, especially in filled spaces, in the middle of a block, and in the middle of Manhattan. Although it will not shake, if there are some specific procedural reasons, it makes sense to fold the facade... But in this building, it is just fluff-it has nothing to do with the plan or the place. A well-proportioned button building may be more respected.

I agree. I have been cycling or running for 15 CPW...what an amazing new building (from a modernist architect). It has been aging with soot for decades, but it is nice to see a classic/well-designed apartment designed by a talented construction company (Robt AM Stern).

It's so weird, it's actually kind of cool. No, this is just weird.

Strange, then some. I stopped before "cool".

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