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By Nina Rangel on Fri, Feb 10, 2023 at 11:00 am

"A drink before, and a cigarette after," the old adage goes. And there's also no shortage of sayings about food items that offer powerful benefits during romantic encounters. Desi Viagra Tablet

If aphrodisiac foods are on your Valentine

Legend has it that Giacomo Casanova, one of the most famous lovers in history, would slurp down dozens of oysters before bedding down with partners. Many claim the slippery bivalves and other foods are aphrodisiacs that heighten arousal and boost sexual performance.

Before anyone drops even more money on fancy food ahead of Valentine's Day, keep this in mind: Even after copious study, there's not much scientific evidence to back up claims that certain digestible items can transform us into red-hot lovers.

But if you've not yet busted your budget for the big day, your attitude may be, "What not give it a try?"

For readers with that mindset, we plumbed the archives of PBS's The History Kitchen to research five of the best-known purported aphrodisiacs and identified spots where romantic San Antonians can find locally sourced versions of these alleged mood-enhancers.

Chocolate's longtime rep for putting people in the mood may come down to the presence of the compounds phenylalanine and tryptophan. The former is a stimulant that's released in the brain when we fall in love, according to food historians, while the latter helps produce serotonin, the brain chemical most often associated with happier moods and sexual arousal.

Délice Chocolatier & Patisserie: 946 N. Loop 1604 W., Suite 145, (210) 545-2200, delicechocolatier.com.

Casa Chocolates: 555 W. Bitters Road, Suite 127, (210) 570-2225, casachocolates.com.

The zinc in oysters is said to help raise testosterone, which can support a good mood and a healthy libido. Oysters also contain taurine, an amino acid that supports cardiac health and nerve transmission, according to the medical journal Translational Andrology and Urology. Flavonoids in oyster meat also have been shown to stimulate the reproductive system and can help bolster sperm count.

Double Standard: 114 E. Houston St., (210) 977-0005, doublestandardsatx.com.

Ostra Restaurant: 212 W. Crockett St., (210) 396-5800, instagram.com/ostra_sa.

The word aphrodisiac originates with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, who's credited with planting the first pomegranate tree. Even though science has shown the fruit is better at supplying antioxidants than boosting sexual performance, its abundance of seeds led people to associate it with fertility. It also appears as a romantic symbol in literature dating back centuries.

Clementine's White Mushroom Salad: 2195 NW Military Highway, (210) 503-5121, clementine-sa.com.

Pharm Table's Pomegranate Guacamole: 611 S. Presa St., Suite 106, (210) 802-1860, pharmtable.com.

Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor, and an old French wives' tale claimed that a bee sting was akin to receiving a shot of pure aphrodisiac. Since then, scientists have established that honey contains boron, said to regulate hormone levels, and nitric oxide, which is released in the blood during arousal.

Holdman Honey: 1050 Youth Haven Road, Seguin, (210) 885-5868, holdmanhoney.com.

Beespace: 709 Highway 90 West, (210) 415-9636, facebook.com/beespaceofficial.

A 2010 University of Texas study found strong evidence that caffeine was effective in boosting female libido. Well-established effects of caffeine, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure, are among the factors that enhance female arousal, researchers found.

Shotgun House Roasters: 1333 Buena Vista St., shotgunhouseroasters.com.

Barrio Barista Coffee: 3735 Culebra Road, (210) 519-5403, barriobarista.coffee.

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If aphrodisiac foods are on your Valentine

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