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2021-11-18 07:26:27 By : Mr. RUOYU MAO

Boudicca Tomb is one of the fallen tombs that Eivor must complete in Valhalla in Assassin's Creed. It is full of poison gas, traps, puzzles and loot. In this guide, we will explain how to complete Budika’s tomb so that you can claim the hidden treasures in it.

You will find Budika’s tomb in East Anglia. It is located in the northeast of Brisleah Farm, near a sharp rock. Use Synin to track the blue cone that appears in Raven's field of vision. You need to interact with the Odin rune on the rock to open the tomb and start exploring. Please see the tomb map reference below.

As soon as you enter the ancient tomb, you will start to see traps. Once you reach the main room, the poison gas will start to look up, which means you need to be careful of your steps.

The first puzzle is very simple. Look to the left and you will see a wooden wall. Break through to find a podium, you can drag it to the pressure plate on the same side.

On the other side of the room, you need to climb a set of scaffolding and cross some wooden floors. But don't fall down. Instead, climb up and down a set of scaffolding and turn the top crank. This will open the door below, which means you can now fall into the hole left by the wooden floor, drag the podium out and place it on its pressure plate.

Go forward and take the road on the left. There is a wooden wall on the next floor where you can break through. Go down the pointed hallway, passing through the zip line until you can pick up a sphere. The real challenge comes from the area you encounter next. There is an open place with spiked spears along the path. You need to go through a gap in the wall, but once you throw the ball, you can't climb it up. To do this, drag the rock in the wooden stand into the hole in the wall so you can jump over and jump to another podium on the opposite side.

Now, drag the rock in the wooden bracket on this side to the high hole in the wall, this is the only way out. Use the lower edge on the ground to rise to the top and throw the sphere over. Then climb up, through yourself. The opposite path leads to the main room, where you can place the sphere. Do not return through the zipper line. We did this in the game, and it softly locked the game because the puzzles in the grave would not be reset. If you encounter this situation, please load and auto-save from an earlier Tomb, and you should be able to continue.

The final puzzle is on the other side of the room. There is a hole in the wall and you need to go through it to pick up the second sphere. There is nothing complicated about this part of the tomb, just use a sphere to pass through until it reaches the position where the two large wooden boxes are suspended by ropes.

You need to jump to the box furthest from you, make it sink and allow you to pass under the obstacle. When finished, go to the plate and place the sphere to open the door of the room. To cross the gap and enter the tomb, you need to throw all the rocks off the wooden platform so that it rises and allows you to jump over.

In the grave, you will meet Boudicca. She will tell you about her conquest and why she is so important. Once she is finished, you can pick up the Fallen Hero's Cloak and Fallen Hero's Greaves from the two boxes in the same room.

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