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2022-10-08 05:58:53 By : Mr. David liu

KAS Scaffolding is currently providing a highly technical access package at Navigator Terminals – the UK’s largest bulk liquid terminal located on the River Thames.

KAS Scaffolding Ltd a growing firm based in Essex has been chosen by the UK’s leading multi-functional contractor VolkerLaser. The firm is set to provide and erect an array of complex suspended access scaffolds to each of the 96 piles supporting the fuel terminal’s 800m jetty that reaches out into the Thames.

Formed in 2016 the Navigator Terminals Thames is the largest bulk liquid terminal in the UK by throughput volume with over 1.28 million cubic meters of storage capacity. Petroleum products, chemicals and liquefied gas are brought in by ship and is stored in bulk tanks before being transferred around the country via road and rail.

The terminals concrete jetty located next to the Queen Elizabeth II bridge was originally built in the 70’s it has been extended over the years to allow additional pipelines to be installed. However, much-needed repair and maintenance work is now required on the jetty. Teamwork

Working in partnership with talented Design Engineers from 48.3 Scaffold Design Ltd and system scaffolding giants Layher UK Ltd, teams of skilled scaffolders from KAS have begun utilising Layher’s lightweight Allround system to build each of the complex multileveled suspended scaffolds.

KAS Scaffolding Project Manager, Lee Read said: “We have started to erect scaffold access to 96no piles under the fuel terminal jetty, spanning 3 berths, approach road and 4 dolphins. 

As we are working over the Thames the works have been planned around the tide times with flexible working hours key to making the project a success.” 

“Each scaffold will be submerged up to 6-7 meters at high tide times and subject to an average tidal speed of around 4/5knots. At low tide is the only window to access and install the lowest lifts due to the access demands on the depth of the pile, Read said. 

Contractors from VolkerLaser will be using the scaffolds to install ‘Sheilded jetty anodes’ that clamp to each pile using the scaffold that slide down each pile which are finally welded in place while fully submerged.

Daniel Selvey, Principal Engineer at 48.3 said: “Taking on the design challenge at 48.3, we considered various approaches for an access solution to each pile with the aim of providing workable access for the contractors with limited compromise to the live use of the jetty.

Using the team’s wealth of experience, intricate layouts of cantilevered and bridging beams were designed, with Layher Allround LW suspended from these arrangements. Together with the tidal location providing a short scaffold erection window and hence the requirement for efficiency, the perforated Layher steel decks work excellently under the rising and falling water levels.”

Sean Pike, Layher UK Managing Director added: “We are proud to have had our Allround LW materials selected by the directors of KAS scaffolding for this contract and others moving forwards.  Specialist jobs such as this require specialist materials, design and scaffolders working in strategic partnership to provide the best possible solution for the task at hand.   

With the limited timeframe for which to erect the scaffolding, Layher Allround LW proved to be the perfect product solution due to its integrated safety, speed and accuracy and contributed to success of this unique project.”     Advertisement