Rainy scene: SoMa’s scaffolding collapsed, and fallen trees caused road closures throughout San Francisco

2021-11-11 07:21:52 By : Mr. Kevin Yang

San Francisco is being bombarded by record rainfall-to say the least, this has caused a series of infrastructure problems.

San Francisco has more than two inches of rain...and there will be more rain. Give some background on this amount: In the past 24 hours, San Francisco has had more precipitation than the city usually receives from May to October. However, this much-needed sudden heavy rain caused some unsafe conditions.

Since 1921, San Francisco’s downtown has only experienced about 8 days of rainfall exceeding 3 inches. 🌁🌧️ It is 3 pm, and we are over 2 inches. Will this be a day in the record book? ? #cawx pic.twitter.com/njaQfVEqHz

For example: a 100-foot tree collapsed in the 2176-2178 block of 9th Avenue, prompting nearby residents to evacuate their homes. Along the ocean beach, after falling tree fragments blocked the road, another tree collapse caused part of the highway to be temporarily closed on Sunday. KRON4 reported earlier today that an area between Lisbon Street and Italy Avenue in the Excelsior district had broken wires.

Due to a fallen tree, Stow Lake Drive was temporarily closed. pic.twitter.com/FI8akiNGUR

According to NBC Bay Area reports, there are a large number of scaffolding on Natoma Street and Ninth Street in SoMa. Fire officials believe that this is the result of strong winds in the area, and no casualties have been reported. If you unfortunately find yourself encountering slow-moving traffic on the Bay Bridge today, it may be because two tractor trucks overturned - and prevented the car from driving in the leftmost lane.

PSA: The mission between Cesar Chavez and Precita was closed in both directions due to the fallen tree on the bus route. pic.twitter.com/j3e71AK0jz

But these are far from isolated incidents of damage caused by weather. Throughout San Francisco, users of the Citizen App have reported various situations where large branches fell on top of trucks; large puddles grew into small lakes—and then completely flooded driveways and sidewalks. Compared with residents living at the foot of the mountain, people living on the top of the mountain breathe more easily, which has prompted many people to take advantage of the fact that San Francisco public works provide free sandbags to stop flooding.

(My rain-soaked run in TenderNob revealed the common casualties of rain in San Francisco: Turn over the trash can, spill the contents on the street, and the trash sits soaked and floated. But in a specific metaphor in 2021, Abandoned scene. The mask that uses a sponge to absorb rainwater is a unique reminder of the current moment. The neon sign near me usually disappears in the slightest sound of rain, and it is expected to be colorless today.)

Stay safe, San Francisco. It is expected that the rain tonight will only get worse, and then it will greatly intensify on Monday afternoon. Don't test nature today; instead relive your favorite nostalgic rainy music.

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Picture: A tree fell into Stowe Lake during record rainfall in San Francisco, causing Stern Grove, including Pine Lake Park and all golf courses to close under windy and rainy conditions. (Photo: Twitter via @RecParkSF)

A huge landslide occurred in Feather River Canyon between Jarbo Gap and Greenville Wye, which caused CHP to close Highway 70 on Deadwood Road. Judging from the scale of the landslide, it may not reopen soon.

Due to potentially dangerous weather conditions, parts of San Mateo County, the Oakland Zoo and the Alameda County Fair were closed today, and we expect the entire Bay Area to receive a record high rainfall today.

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