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2021-11-11 07:21:25 By : Ms. Nancy Yang

(NAPSI)-An estimated 5 million people in the United States have a hernia, but many people have trouble discussing symptoms and potential treatment options with their doctors effectively-but this can be changed. 

A recent Pollfish survey of 500 hernia patients found that 77% of them had a negative experience when talking to a doctor about their condition. 

Despite this, people still seek treatment. Approximately 1 million hernia operations are performed every year. Ninety percent of them are repaired with mesh. Due to the rampant dissemination of recalls, lawsuits and misinformation, the mesh structure is subject to strict scrutiny. 

Therefore, many patients try to educate themselves and understand the options available to them before consulting a doctor. To help these people find appropriate care, a group of leading hernia surgeons helped develop, a comprehensive educational resource that supports patients from research to rehabilitation. 

Here, these surgeons share their insights to help hernia patients overcome the three most awkward and difficult topics that they usually encounter during consultations: 

1. Protrusion and body image. "The first time seeing a large bump on the skin of your abdomen or groin can be a terrible experience and negatively affect your confidence," said Dr. Samir S. Awad, professor of surgery and vice president of surgery at Baylor College of Medicine Quality and safety. "Although it may be uncomfortable, please share your concerns about your body image, as you may be able to install a hernia band, which helps many patients to hide the appearance of bulges during'watchful waiting'." 

2. Emotional health. "Between the combination of legal advertising on TV and the influence of social media, the amount of negative and misinformation that patients are exposed to is staggering," said Dr. Michael Sawyer, a surgeon at MMG Bariatrics in Lawton, Ohio. "With the help of the interactive guide, I adjusted my education methods to allow patients to share their fears and worries more effectively. I have witnessed positive results." You can use The interactive SCAFFOLD guide on -hernia-patients prepares your next appointment. 

3. Mesh-Trust question: What are the alternatives? "Almost all of my patients said during the consultation that no matter what you do, please don't use that kind of cursive hernia net," said Dr. Paul Szotek, founder and CEO of the Virtual Indiana Hernia Center. "In order to reduce treatment anxiety, I provide patients with active roles through a shared decision model, which not only improves satisfaction and compliance, but, most importantly, provides promising results." 

Although a hernia is usually not life-threatening, if you experience persistent flu-like symptoms, severe pain, or the inability to defecate or gas, it is wise to seek medical attention immediately. 

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