Werner announced the launch of the new Multi-Max Pro, which is the most versatile multi-position ladder

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The global leader in ladder manufacturing sets a new standard with the ultimate multi-purpose ladder

ITASCA, Illinois, November 8, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Werner, a global leader in ladders and manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, has introduced the new Multi-Max Pro, an ultra-flexible multi-position ladder Set a new standard for the versatility of the construction site.

Werner combined many of its most innovative features into the new Multi-Max Pro to create the ultimate multi-position ladder that can replace the five common ladder types on the construction site. Although Multi-Max Pro is full of professional-focused design elements, it does not compromise when it comes to Werner's legendary build quality. The Multi-Max Pro multi-position ladder has a load capacity of 375 pounds, providing maximum versatility.

"Werner has always brought innovation to the market and has never been content to rely on its reputation as the world's leading ladder manufacturer," said Carla Ramalho, senior product manager. "Multi-Max Pro is at the pinnacle of the professional-grade multi-position ladder market, proving that the ultimate ladder can increase site productivity and safety beyond what was previously imagined."

Versatility becomes easy Werner's Multi-Max Pro combines the functions of five ladders into one; it can be used as a double ladder, stair ladder, wall ladder, telescopic ladder, and inclined ladder. Using Multi-Max Pro multi-position ladders to access these functions is easier than ever, thanks to the simple one-step, one-handed adjustments for quick setup. The end user can adjust the hinge at the central pivot point of the Multi-Max Pro to easily change the position.

Since the 7-inch built-in leveling device ensures that you stay safe on uneven surfaces, the rough terrain found in many job sites is not an obstacle to Multi-Max Pro. The wide pitch feet of the ladder can also be modified by the user's feet.

The Multi-Max Pro multi-position ladder also provides a multi-functional top that can safely lean against walls, poles, corners and columns, and can hold tools and paint to increase productivity. In order to reach higher heights, the single rope height adjustment system converts the ladder into a telescopic ladder through a simple rope pull.

Legendary quality and structure High-quality materials and structure are the foundation of Werner's legendary reputation for safe and reliable products, and Multi-Max Pro shows the company's continued commitment to these ideals. The Werner aluminum Multi-Max Pro multi-position ladder has a rated load capacity of 375 pounds, allowing the ladder to support two workers and their tools at a time in the two-step ladder mode. In addition, the wide bases at both ends of the Multi-Max Pro provide safety and stability, while the non-slip feet and built-in straighteners together lay a solid foundation for climbing.

Several of the most innovative features of Werner Multi-Max Pro are over-built to provide protection in demanding environments. The one-hand hinged lock is protected by the durable tilted top and lower element. The single rope height adjustment system includes a built-in rope storage device to protect the rope regardless of the height of the ladder used. The telescopic legs are designed with shatterproof J-shaped locks to ensure that the adjustable side rails of Multi-Max Pro are safe and reliable.

Werner's new Multi-Max Pro multi-station ladder allows workers to obtain maximum productivity and safety on the job site without compromising quality and durability.

Werner's new Multi-Max Pro is the pinnacle of professional multi-function ladder innovation and is now available at some retailers across the country. For more information, please visit www.wernerladder.com.

About WERNER Werner is the brand of WernerCo, a global leader in the field of ladders, and has a complete series of climbing products designed for high-altitude operations. The product portfolio includes ladders, attic stairs, scaffolding, pump jacks, stages, planks, step stools, accessories and fall protection equipment, including safety belts, lanyards, anchors and compliance kits. From ladders to fall protection, Werner offers a full range of equipment designed to provide you with maximum safety, durability and productivity at every height. All Werner products meet or exceed applicable international safety standards. For more information, please visit www.wernerladder.com.

About WERNERCO WernerCo is a private, fully integrated international manufacturer and distributor that mainly produces access control products, fall protection equipment, security storage systems and light construction equipment. WernerCo's business model and growth are defined by the innovation and continuous improvement of the products, processes and services they provide. WernerCo's products are trustworthy everywhere, Work Gets Done™! For a complete list of industry-leading global brands, please visit www.wernerworldwide.com.

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