Scaffolding frame with scaffolding board

Scaffolding frame with scaffold plankScaffolding Frame is one of the most popular scaffolding systems world-wide used in construction work.All the components are standard. It is very easy to assemble and dismantle, which save much time and labor cost.Various f

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Scaffolding frame with scaffold plank

Scaffolding Frame is one of the most popular scaffolding systems world-wide used in construction work.

All the components are standard. It is very easy to assemble and dismantle, which save much time and labor cost.

Various finishing: painting, powder coating, galvanization, etc.

Proper surface treatment is to protect frames against rust or corrosion, making the frame scaffolding durable long life span.

1. Very few components: H frame, cross brace, joint pins, plank; some time also includes: jack base, cater wheels.
2. As all the components are standard, it is very easy to assemble and dismantle, which save much time on site.
3. When used as movable working platform, caster wheels are always required at the bottom, especially for indoor painting or decoration work; When used as supporting system, jack base and U head are always required to adjust the working height, especially for slab concrete or bridges constructions.
4. Various finishing are available: painting, powder coating, galvanization, etc. Proper surface treatment is to protect frames against rust or corrosion, making the frame scaffolding durable long life span.  

Main frames

Frame ScaffoldingW x H (mm)Main Frame size(mm)
Scaffolding Frame with Scaffold Plank Scaffolding Frame with Scaffold Plank1219 x 1930
1219 x 1700
1219 x 1524
914 x 1930
914 x 1700
914 x 1524
42(43) x 2.5mm, 2.2mm, 2.0mm, 1.8mm

Scaffolding Frame with Scaffold Plank Scaffolding Frame with Scaffold Plank

1219 x 1219
1219 x 914
914 x 914
42(43) x 2.5mm, 2.2mm, 2.0mm, 1.8mm
Cross Diagonal Brace
Scaffolding Frame with Scaffold Plank
Frame Height(mm)B (mm)A (mm)C (mm)Weight (Kg)
1930, 1700, 15241219182921983.17
1930, 1700, 15241219152419522.81
1930, 1700, 15241219121917242.49
1930, 1700, 15241219180021743.13
1. Generally, the total net weight of loaded container is 22 tons to 26 tons, which need be confirmed before loading.
2. Different packages are used for different products: 
---bundles: timber beam, steel props, tie rod, etc.
---pallet: small parts will be put in bags and then on pallets.
---wooden cases: it is available on customer's request.
---bulk: some irregular goods will be loaded in bulk in container.
Scaffolding Frame with Scaffold Plank

1. Production: For full container, normally we need 20-30 days after receive customer's down payment.
2. Transportation: It depends on the destination charge port.
3. Negotiation is needed for special requirements. 

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HORIZON FORMWORK is a professional formwork solution provider for years, supplying: Formwork systems, scaffolding systems and related accessories, which are widely used in commercial, residential and infrastructural projects. 

What we offer: 
Wall formwork, column formwork, climbing system, table formwork, flexible slab formwork, frame scaffolding system, ringlock scaffolding system, cuplock system, form-tie system, etc. 
On-site supervising support is available on request. 

Why us: 
With 10 years of experience, we know exactly what you need; 
Strict quality control in raw material selection, production line, and pre-packing, which ensures the reliable product quality as per customer's request. 
Prompt action on customer's requirments. 

We are not only providing excellent products, but also offering a comprehensive and complete concrete formwork and scaffolding solution to clients. 

HORIZON FORMWORK, your reliable formwork partner! 

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