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Five pieces of crying luggage (thus Emotional Baggage) are in the Psychonauts 2 Mental World — steamer trunk, duffel bag, suitcase, hatbox, and purse — that not only need to be all found, but also require you to find an appropriate tag that goes with them first in order to sort them, in the same vein as one would need the proper key for a chest. Sort all five and your PSI rank goes up by one as well. They’re the ones with the strongest audio cues, and you can tell when they’re around because of the audible crying, which Raz will comment on.

You won’t be able to get either the tag for or the steamer trunk itself until you revisit the level. Go back to the Dental Void, then make your way back up to the sink. You can use the stray thoughts there now to travel over to the ledge with the trunk’s tag on it, which you could only see from below prior.

As for the steamer trunk itself, you won’t be able to get it until you come back later on via the Collective Unconciousness, once you’ve learned the Mental Connection technique from Hollis. Head back and travel to the final stretch of the level, the Asylum. To your right upon entering, you’ll see some stray thoughts; use Mental Connection to travel along them and on to a floating platform, where you’ll find the steamer trunk.

The duffel bag tag is also in the same area as the initial censor battle. It should be in plain sight, right by some desks. The duffel bag is right by it as well, sitting next to Oleander. Impossible to miss.

The suitcase tag is at the start on the Asylum again. Just turn to your left to find some floating teeth, then jump over them to get the tag. The suitcase itself, though, once again requires backtracking. In the Conference Room, look for a poster of an open mouth on the wall near the start of it, use pyrokinesis to burn it down, and ta-dah, one suitcase.

The hatbox tag is also in the Conference Room, and in plain sight, along the right side of the path you take. The hatbox can be found in the Poster Gallery, once again using pyrokinesis to burn down one of the Loboto portraits hiding it (you can tell which one by the crack underneath the frame).

The purse tag is found in the Dental Void, right after learning Levitation. Ride the updraft in front of you, then glide to the right and land on a mirror, then hop over. As for the purse itself, you’ll see it on a shelf at the end of the Poster Gallery prior to the tag, but as you can’t come back for it immediately after getting the tag, save that one for backtracking.

Hollis is notable for technically having only on Mental World, but spread out across two different levels, with one being an altered version of the other. When entering via the Collective Unconscious, it treats them all as one, letting you travel between both versions. Their Memory Vaults and Emotional Baggage are also spread out among them as well. The steamer trunk tag is found in the classroom at the beginning, bouncing on one of the desks by a couple of boxes across from the center platform. The trunk itself is found on the roof above the hospital’s entrance, tucked in a corner below a pipe on the left side. Use Mental Connection to ride some thoughts up there.

While you’re up on the roof, head to the opposite side of it from the steamer trunk to find the hatbox tag up on a platform, then drop down again and head to the right side of the hospital entrance to find the hatbox by a dumpster.

In the Maternity Ward’s back room, you should come across three blue chips traveling in a circle, simply ride on them all the way around to find the duffel bag’s tag. The duffel bag, however, will have to wait until you have the Dark Thoughts upgrade purchased at Level 30 higher for Mental Connection. After that, head to the Maternity Ward, go behind the roulette wheel, and use the dark thoughts there to climb up to the bag,

The suitcase tag is found in the exact same location as the steamer trunk from the previous level: up on the roof via Mental Connection and tucked away below a pipe. The suitcase itself is found in Cardiology, chilling on one of the lounge tables nearby.

After entering the Maternity Ward, turn around to find stray thoughts to the side of the entrance, and again, ride them to the purse tag. Now upon entering the Records area, take a right after entering to head down a hallway to find the purse.

The steamer trunk tag is in the Taste/Smell section, to the right of an area with some Censors on it that you reach after slowing down some fish to cross. The trunk itself is found in the Touch/Hear section, to the right of the prism leading to the stage, just jump over to it.

At the start of the Concessions section, simply head back to van you came in, and the duffel bag tag is to the right of it. The bag itself requires going back to Vision’s section later, though, where the health bulbs are after the Panic Attack fight. Just look around them and you can find the duffel bag tucked away in a little cave made of equipment.

The suitcase tag is found in the Campgrounds section, where you make a right just after a wall jump you perform after crossing a log. The suitcase is backstage back at the main concert, as detailed under the section with the level’s first Half-a-Mind.

In Vision’s section, there’s a part where you have to slow down a spinning wheel to use it as a platform to cross, then turn around to slow it down again and cross the other side of the wheel. In between those parts, right behind that wheel, there’s a poster on the wall. Use pyrokinesis on it, jump in the new opening, and grab the hatbox tag. The hatbox itself is in the Concessions area; just follow the main path and take the first left at a crossroads to find it by some tents.

The purse tag is immediately at the start of the level, just head backstage and you’ll find it on top of one of the trailers. The purse is in the Concessions section; just follow the main path, and where you have to cross some spinning platforms, drop down to the right instead and hop over some cubes to find it.

This may be the shortest level in terms of size, but the time limits for the cooking challenges may cause you to frantically move through things. Don’t worry, you get to freely explore the area in between the commercial breaks, which helps. The steamer trunk tag is the third and final prize for completing the last cooking challenge in time, though unlike with the Half-a-Mind prizes, this time around you only have five minutes as opposed to a meatier ten or eight. As long as you remember to boil the beehive and blend the watermelon first, since those take time to prepare while you work on the other ingredients, you should be fine (and if not, it should just be there in the post-game). Upon returning later, the steamer trunk is found right behind the blender.

Drop down to some trampolines to the left of the Hippo Pot area, jump across them, and you should find some stray thoughts. Connect them, and you’ll grab the duffel bag tag along the way. The duffel bag itself is simply found behind the Pork Chopper’s left arm.

For the suitcase tag, head behind the frying pan, look up, and you’ll see the tag behind the sign above the pan’s area, where you can jump up to it. The suitcase is near the entrance to the Hippo Pot, tucked away at the bottom to the left of the path between the steam vents, where you can drop down to it.

To the right of and above the entrance to the Pork Chopper, you should see the hatbox tag at the end of a rail. Use the other rails in the area to grind and jump over to it. The hatbox itself is found right at the bottom of the Pork Chopper’s slide, which you can ride down from the button that activates the slicer.

The purse tag is right in the audience at the start and is basically impossible to miss. The purse itself is located between the grills leading up to the frying pan, nestled in a u-turn.

We’re in Ford’s mind now, and like Hollis, he has multiple levels — four of them — treated as one world by the Collective Unconcious, with the collectibles spread out across all of them. In the area where you cross a giant neon sign, drop down to a platform below to find the duffel bag tag. You’ll have to come back later to get the duffel bag itself, with is located right by and below the first ball polisher you come across.

The suitcase tag is in the first section with a slime floor. Just follow the slime to the end and you’ll find the tag between some platforms. The suitcase, meanwhile, is found later at the construction site on the ground floor. Head left from the elevator and you should find an area with five horizontal bowling pins. Knock them down, and discover the suitcase.

After exiting the Dead Letter section, turn left to find some poles Raz can swing over to find the hatbox tag. The hatbox itself is found after entering the International Dead Letter section, just take a left and climb on the scaffolding.

The steamer trunk tag is found right after the first section where you use barbicide on louses. Flip on the gust, fight the censors and the tag is right there. The trunk proper is found after the second barbicide bit, along the path by a shampoo bottle.

The purse tag is found after the room with the typewriter. You’ll see the titular Sharkophagus flying around, with the tag on its back. Hit it with a Time Bubble, jump on and get the tag. The purse itself is found behind the machine after the bedroom in the coffin section.

The steamer trunk tag is one the way to the market in the waterfront. Jump on the red tags by the updraft on the path there and platform over them to find and area with the tag. You’ll have to return for the trunk, though. In the librarian’s area, platform to the chandelier above the desk using the card drawers (again, the Pouncy Bounce upgrade should help), then use Projection to have Raz’s Archetype to pull the one level on the ground to the left of the Literature entrance. The chandelier will rise to the top, revealing a new area. Follow the path to the end, and jump across to the trunk.

The duffel bag tag is in the waterfront, in the printing area. After the first battle, just use Projection to open the nearby locked door. Then head back to the docks by the start, behind the area’s entrance and to towards the left dock to find the duffel bag.

After the second 2D platforming section and the third battle featuring the Enablers, you’ll come across a book with an updraft on it. Ride it to the top, float over to a nearby stray thought, and connect to it in order to make your way to the tag. And as mentioned under the Nuggets of Wisdom, the suitcase in this level can can be found in the libraian’s room, on top of a stack of books.

The hatbox tag is found in the waterfront’s fish cannery, to the right of the door leading to the evidence room, floating on a platform. It’s a fish platform that sinks soon after jumping on it, though, so be careful. The hatbox is found in the center of the circling boats, and you should easily find some platforms there that allow you to jump over to it.

The purse tag is impossible to miss, as it’s along the main path, right after your second battle featuring the Enablers. The purse itself is right nearby, in the room with all of the mathematics-related doodles. Just jump up and climb to the shelf with the knight and the dragon on it, and the purse is behind them.

On the island with yellow flowers, simply head to the right of the bottle after docking to find the steamer trunk tag. The steamer trunk, meanwhile, is to the left of the island with pink flowers. Sail to the island with Bob’s version of Truman on it, make your way to the center to dock, then climb the scaffolding on the island to find the trunk.

From where you found the first Nugget of Wisdom mentioned for this level, turn right and you should see a platform with a fridge on it. Jump and levitate over to it, and the duffel bag tag is behind the fridge. The duffel bag is in the same area, right after the part where you have to slide down a bottle of booze. Simply jump up on the rope afterwards, and you should see it.

The suitcase tag, not to lie, is one of the most difficult collectibles to get in the game…unless we missed a step that makes it easier. In the third bottle, there’s a section where you wall jump up to the top of the wedding cake after swinging across a trapeze. Once up top, climb to the top of the rightmost pillar use in the wall jump, and up there should be some sort of diving platform. Now double jump and levitate over to the balloon holding the trapeze, then again to get to the top of the previous cake you exited from, where the tag lies. In contrast, the suitcase itself is simply back on top of the wedding cake, just next to the DJ’s stage.

After docking on the initial island with pink flowers, head left and you should be able to jump past it to a smaller island with an exploding plant. Head left to find Bob’s version of Lili and go past her to get the hatbox tag. Then just turn around and go back past the exploding plant to an island on the opposite end, where the hatbox is.

In the first bottle’s section where you jump over booze, you’ll come across swizzle sticks you can swing on. After crossing them for the first time, jump down to some lily pads to find the purse tag. The purse itself is above the cave later on which you slide down to get to the next section. Instead on heading down, use the trapeze at its highest peak to jump to the ivy above the entrance, then climb to the purse.

The steamer trunk tag is at the start of the first quilted area. Just head left and go up a hill to find it.

As mentioned under the Nuggets of Wisdom for this level, the duffel bag tag is in the third quilt area. Use telekinesis on the first button and enter the path revealed to get to it.

The suitcase tag is in the circus area, and can be accessed from the top of the high dive, right after performing the three initial tasks. Climb the ladder, but instead of diving, veer right and jump over to behind the scenery, where you can follow it to an area across the diving platform where the tag is.

The hatbox tag? It’s it the first quilting section, behind the portal to the next one. A cutscene will initially advance you immediately, so just jump back and go around to find it.

The purse tag, meanwhile, is also behind a portal. After entering from the second portal to the quilted section’s third area, go behind the portal to find it.

And if you’re wondering why we haven’t mentioned the locations of the Emotional Baggage themselves, that’s because they’re all at the very end of the level, together in one convenient location. They pop out from the dam right after the three-wave battle and are right in front of your objective, so you can’t miss them.

Once you get past the display with Dr. Loboto, drop down after another portion where you use Mental Connection, and make a right to find the steamer trunk tag. Head back to find the trunk on a platform below some connections mad earlier, drop down to it and a make a detour via some other stray thoughts to the right, slow down the fan ahead and hop to the trunk.

In the first area of the ride right right behind your stuck car to find a door that acts as a portal. Enter it, PSI Blast the barrier, then use Mental Connection to cross the dark thoughts towards the tag (and bash the gramophone as well, to help you on the way to an achievement). The duffel bag is back up on the display with the royal family fleeing. Just head up on it, and behind the family, the bag is in the corner.

The suitcase tag is found in the mock cemetery in the ride’s third area, just head over and find it between the graves. The actual suitcase is found at the very end in the gift shop, where you can see in right on the shelf…unfortunately, you can’t get it the first time around, as you’ll basically be in a cutscene, so you’ll have to return to it in the post-game.

Go behind the first display featuring the royal family in the first section of the ride, and head behind the backdrop behind them to find some trampolines. Jump up to the highest trampoline, then jump across from the display and levitate to an alcove on the other side, and there’s where you’ll find the hatbox tag. The hatbox is in the same area as the first memory vault, described over in that section. After entering the area, use the Time Bubble on the spinning fans to create platforms, the jump over them to the other side, where you can wall jump up and find the hatbox.

The purse tag is found in the Arctic backdrop in the exile display. Use the controls to switch to it if needed, enter the igloo, head out the other side, and turn left to find it. The purse is found in the same area in the death bed display, right next to the bed.